Student News Sites

What's This?

These are a list of news sites which are either specially designed for students, or are good examples of clear, well-written English.

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News Sites for Students

news in levels logo

News In Levels

News for Learners

World news for students. Highlights difficult vocabulary. Text and audio for each story.

Engoo Daily News

News for Learners

News stories for intermediate and above. Good for self-study, or with a teacher.

The Learning Network/NYT

News for Learners

Joint project with New York Times. Use alone or with a teacher.

learn with news logo

Learn With News

News for Learners

Longer articles and comes with exercises. Use alone or with a teacher.

Breaking News English

News for Learners

Stories at all levels for use with a teacher or alone.

BBC News

News for Learners

One of the most prestigious news sources in the world. 

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