The Green Initiative

This is a role-play scenario to work on with your teacher.

You will play someone who works in a medium-sized company. Your teacher will play your manager.

The Scenario

A report from the Executive Committee has made clear that SuperTech has one of the lowest scores in the industry for environmental matters.

Your manager has called a meeting with you to discuss ideas about how we can improve our green credentials.

Think about some ideas you might look at to improve the company's performance - both individually and corporately.

Useful Vocabulary

Carbon Footprint

The total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) a company generates, because of electricity, travel, catering and other activities.


Having a positive effect on the environment

Environmental Impact

The effect a company has on the world at large - considering its pollution, carbon dioxide, travel, energy use, recycling and more

In the loop

Close to something; watching how it develops. "Please make sure to keep me in the loop."

Low-hanging fruit

Things which are easy to achieve - like picking fruit from the low branches of a tree. "Let see if we can find some low-hanging fruit to improve the situation"

Thought leadership

'Thought leaders' are usually experts in their field, who inspire others with the way they communicate or solve problems.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Calculating how much a project or initiative will cost, and comparing to the benefit it will give a company


Things which are designed to save electricity or power: low-energy lighting, office equipment, etc

Green Agenda

A set of policies and processes designed to make a company more effective about its impact on the environment


Similar to a project; work carried out to change or improve, for instance, employee satisfaction, morale, oe time to market

Payback Period

How long it takes to recover the cost of investment. "Swapping to energy-efficient bulbs will pay back in 2 years"

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