Language Tools For Students

What's This?

These are tools for students about analysing or helping with language learning.

Keep an eye out for the 'key' icon through the guides. These are special Open Argot Top Tips which help you hack the language!


Language Tools

engish learners dictionary

Learners' Dictionary

Language Tools

From Cambridge just for learners. Gives an indication of CEFR level for many words.

hemigway style checker

Style Checker

Language Tools

Hemingway gives advice on style and complexity of written text. NOT a grammar checker!

Text Level Analyser

Language Tools

Enter some text, and this tool will give an estimate of the CEFR reading level.

simple english wiki

Simple English Wiki

Language Tools

Wikipedia built using a limited set of English vocabulary and grammar.

ipa converter



Language Tools

Converts English text to phonetic IPA symbols, and reads aloud.

Phoneme Chart

Language Tools

Helps you master English pronunciation. Includes sample words. Needs Flash.

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