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These articles are guides for students - mainly about grammar, but some business ones too.

Keep an eye out for the 'key' icon through the guides. These are special Open Argot Top Tips which help you hack the language!



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the job interview

The Job Interview

Top Tips

Interviewing for a job as an English learner can be scary. I've worked with a lot of students to help.​

To Infinitives - And Beyond!


Why do we try to stop smoking, but try eating something when we've been ill?​​

Order of Adjectives


Sometimes we use more than one adjective in a sentence. But in what order do they go?

'To Make' and 'To Do'


Two very common words which are very easy to confuse! Here are some tips.

Image by Pearse O'Halloran

'A' vs 'The' - Articles

Top Tips

'A' and 'The' are very common words, and it's easy to get them wrong.Get it right here!

negation with no and not

Negation - No and Not


These two little words are used to make something negative. But which one to use when?​

Gerunds and Participles


Both are '-ing' words - but how do you know which is which?

Gradable Adjectives


Adjectives are common in English. But what do we say when we want to emphasise them?

3rd Person Singular


Why do I run, we run, you run, but he runS? Learn to get it right - it's easy!

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