Structured Lessons

What Happens in the Lesson?

This is a great way to improve your listening skills, reading and pronunciation. In this lesson I'll select a text for us to work on, based on your level and interests. This could be a news article, web site, or piece of writing - and I'm happy for you to decide what kind of material.


We'll introduce the topic and cover any vocabulary you might not be familiar with. You'll then read the text aloud in sections, and we'll pause to check that you understand what it's saying. I'll also correct your pronunciation.


We'll draw your attention to difficult spellings or pronunciation, phrasal verbs and expressions.  You'll then read the text again - this time more fluently and confidently.


Finally we'll talk about the topics raised. Do you think the writer is correct in what he says? Would you come to a different conclusion to him?  

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