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These are business scenarios with work through with your teacher.

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Role Play Scenarios

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It's Hard Work at a Startup!

Role Play Scenario

Practice taking phone calls and talking to customers with good business English

Business Meeting

The New Client Meeting

Role Play Scenario

Reassure a senior executive from a new customer, and help sign a big deal!

Phone Operator

Hi, It's Susan Here!

Role Play Scenario

Make a call to a customer and update them on a problem

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The Green Initiative

Role Play Scenario

Talk to your boss about improving the company's green credentials

Image by Sanjeev Kugan

Flexible Working Request

Role Play Scenario

Try to negotiate a flexible working arrangement with your boss or HR

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Diplomatic Language

Role Play Scenario

Tell your boss some of his ideas aren't so smart, without annoying him


You're Through To Michael

Role Play Scenario

Work a helpdesk and handle calls from customers - some of them angry!

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The New Boss

Role Play Scenario

Meet your new manager and introduce yourself and your work

Alarm Clock



Role Play Scenario

Discuss your repeated lateness with your manager


Performance Review

Role Play Scenario

Persuade your manager you deserve a promotion or pay rise!

Image by Neal E. Johnson

The Christmas Party

Role Play Scenario

Organise the work Christmas Party - but be careful!

Image by Helloquence

The Project Update

Role Play Scenario

You have some bad news about your project for your CEO

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